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Our Mission Statement
To provide a friendly, clean, and well-maintained RV Park at an affordable price for

our Overnight, Monthly, and Seasonal Guests.

In order to accomplish our Mission, we do enforce all of our rules and recommend our future

guests read them in order to avoid any confusion or non-compliance. We understand

we have a lot of rules, therefore, we may not be the right RV Park for everyone. 

Check In & Out; Office Hours
Check-In Time: 1PM; Check-Out Time: 11AM 

Winter Office Hours: 10AM - 6PM; Summer Office Hours: 1PM - 7PM
During summer we are in and out of our office but only a phone call away!



Cancellation Policy

Daily: We require 48 hours or more notice before check-in date. Please let us know by 1pm two (2) days before your arrival date. We will refund your deposit less a $10 cancellation fee. If you cancel within 48-hours of your arrival date, the entire deposit becomes non-refundable. 

Weekly: We require 7-Days or more notice before check-in date. Please let us know by 1pm seven (7) days before your arrival date. We will refund your deposit less a $10 cancellation fee. If you cancel within 7-days of your arrival date, the entire deposit becomes non-refundable. However, to avoid any fees, we can move your reservation to another date in the same season, if available.

Military Discounts
When available, the Sonoran Desert RV Park has a complimentary site set aside for any Active Duty Military traveling through (2 comp nights per year.) If those sites are not available, we do offer discounted rates on our regular nightly rate for Active, Retired & Veteran Military Personnel.

Thank you for your Service!

Quiet Hours
10PM to 7AM. All our Guests deserve a good night's sleep! Please take conversations and exterior noise inside your RV (i.e. TV, radio.) If we can still hear you inside your RV, it's still too loud.

Excessive noise at any time is not allowed.

Speed Limit
For all our safety, and to help keep the DUST level down, please drive under 10MPH.

We offer complimentary WiFi, however, we cannot guarantee the speed or quality. Please do not depend on our WiFi for work-related tasks. If streaming, please only use one device at a time.

High-Definition TV Channel Line-Up (NOT available April 26 to October 1)
Our DirecTV satellite system is High-Definition only. Analog TVs, Standard-Def and Digital TV without

Hi-Def capabilities will not work. We have a limited amount of loaner TVs available.

Our laundry room is open 23 hours for your convenience during the winter. Due to the increase in demand for electricity during the summer months, our Laundry Room has limited hours May 1st to October 1st.  No outdoor clotheslines are permitted at your site (pool towels and bathing suits are perfectly okay).

Open 24 hours except for posted cleaning times.

Wood burning fires are NOT permitted on our property. Propane fires and charcoal BBQs are okay.

Generator use is not allowed unless during emergency situations. However, the first Monday of each month we do allow running generators for maintenance purposes. 

In an effort to keep the smell, flies, bees, ants, rodents, desert critters, and noise away from our sites, our trash dumpster is located at the front entrance. If you need any special assistance, please feel free to contact the office or the after-hours phone number.

We also recycle clear plastic, and aluminum cans.

Electric Pedestals
Although there are both 30AMP & 50AMP receptacles at each pedestal, you may only use the one your RV is rated for and not utilize an adapter to change AMPs. Do not use more than one receptacle or pull more than a total of 50 amps.

USPS does not deliver to the Sonoran Desert RV Park. You must have any US Mail sent General Delivery to the Gila Bend Post Office 85337. FedEx and UPS do have limited delivery to the

Sonoran Desert RV Park, please ask for more details.


The Sonoran Desert RV Park is a smoke-free community, Smoking and Vaping is permitted only at your site and not in any public area. Please refrain from smoking throughout the Park, including Veranda, Canine Corral, or walking around the Park.


Sewer Hose
Maricopa County & Arizona Environmental Health Dept regulations require a sewer gasket on all connections. The sewer hose must be leak-free and be elevated off the ground for proper drainage.

Washing Vehicles
We have a washing station for your vehicles & ATV's for a fee. Do not wash on your site.
We do allow washing your RV on your site for a fee. Please inquire at the office.

ATV's & Motorcycles
Are allowed in the Park. Please limit to point-to-point driving only. Use our back gate to the desert if you want to ride for fun! All motorized or electric vehicles/scooters/bikes must be operated by a licensed individual and can only be used on the roadways. 


(We no longer allow tent camping and we do not allow tents on our RV sites)

Pets (Livestock, Farm Animals, or the like, are NOT PERMITTED unless Mgt approval)
Please check with the Office regarding pet limits or aggressive behavior dogs. All dogs must be leashed at all times and not allowed to enter other guests' sites. Excessive barking will not be allowed. Owners must pick up immediately after their dog, not later in the day. Dogs must not be outside when the owners are away from their RV. All owners must have updated vaccinations available if requested by the RV Park. Canine Corral is OPEN 24-hours, however, the two GRASSY AREAS have limited hours & days open in an effort to keep the grass green and on days one is closed the other is open. The hours are posted at the GRASSY AREA gates.

Please do not walk through other guests' sites, stay on our roadways.



FIREARMS may not be worn in the park or openly displayed at any time except by sworn law enforcement personnel. Please ask the Office for our FIREARMS Addendum if you own any FIREARMS.


A symbol or relic; political flag or banner; might seem harmless to one, and offensive to another. We ask that these items not be displayed during your stay. Some expressions can erode our efforts to create a welcoming environment for all who stay here as we all have varied backgrounds, beliefs, and political affiliations.

Disclaimer: We are located near: Busy Truck Route, Air Force Bombing Range, Small Aircraft Airport with touch-and-go training, 24-hour factory, Dairies. 3 of your 5 senses will be fulfilled here...
4, if you buy local milk~! 


In addition to our Rules & Guidelines, any laws for the state of Arizona, Maricopa County, and/or the Town of Gila Bend will apply at the Sonoran Desert RV Park.

This property is privately owned and operated and is on private property and has the right to evict without notice any objectionable person(s) who may cause a disturbance or become a nuisance.

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